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Welcome to JPW Racing Tipster

JPW Racing Tipster is a well established tipping service. We have been in the game since 2008 and have a big reputation within the industry. We are respected by many and have a big following.

We have made a name for ourselves in the big festivals and we have a profitable strike rate of 75% in festivals since 2014.

We have subscriptions available for just about anyone. If you are full time punter, we got you covered. If you punt just on the weekend we got you covered and if you just like your festivals then we also have you covered.

Whatever your needs we have a subscription available to you from Saturday Only to 365 days a year.

Our sole aim is to provide clients with the best horse racing tips around. With our team, filled with years of professional gambling experience, a wide range of knowledge and expertise, we can make horse racing very profitable for your everyday regular punter. All this based on one factor ‘VALUE’.

Value is the key to winning, as every professional gambler would tell you. By value we mean you need an edge. With hours of research and studying every day we find value, which means we are able to spot a horse wrongly priced by bookmakers. If a bookmaker is offering 7-1 but in our book we have it as 4-1, then it’s a value bet.

In this day and age finding these horses are hard and that’s where JPW Racing Tipster comes into play.

​​​​​​​We have made a profit every year since 2008. If you are a new customer you are welcome to trial our service for 28 days for only £2.99.

All tips are sent via text message with the selections to place bets. At the end of the text message a link is also included so you can use your unique log in, via the website, to read the full write up on why each selection has been chosen.

By providing a write up for every tip this give you the customer full confidence that we have done our homework.

Want to know about JPW? Head over to our About page.

Have any questions?

We have an excellent team who work hard to deliver results and thrive on excellent customer service. Although we can’t make you a millionaire what we can offer clients is a ‘HEALTHY PROFIT’ tax free. Come and join JPW Racing Tipster today and let’s beat the bookies together.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy the service and some great winners along the way. Any questions drop an email to jpwracingtipster@gmail.com.

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