28 Day Trial

Thanks for showing an interest in the JPW 28 DAY TRIAL – here are some important notes from us:

1 – We send tips out between 5-9pm typically (rarely a tad earlier and rarely a tad later). If you sign up at 9pm one night, your first tips may be sent the following evening. You can follow any latest news with JPW via our Twitter as we do post updates on if tips will be early or late on there.

2 – We send an email when your Trial is about to expire to inform you.

3 – We take no automatic payments. If you like us you’ll join, if not we don’t force you to.

Please follow the instructions provided below.

  • Welcome to JPW Racing Tipster and thanks for signing up.
  • Please follow a few simple steps which I will now explain.
  • Any Selection given which is 6/1 or under is a Win Bet.
  • Any Selection given which is 13/2 or over is an Each-Way Bet.
  • I recommend using a betting bank of at least £500.
  • Every bet is to Level Stakes. If you start with a £500 bettng bank, I would recommend using £10 per horse. For instance if our selections are 4/1 and 10/1 then you would use £10 win and £5 E/W. The stakes then get raised every time the bank increases by £250. At £750 £15 per horse then £1000 would mean £20 per horse. This continues to raise by £5 every £250.

Our sister site Tipsters Empire also offer 28 DAY TRIALS! Sign up with them today and give them a go as well.

If you have any Questions or are unsure do not hesitate to get in contact.

Anymore questions drop us an email at jpwracingtipster@gmail.com

We hope you enjoy the service.


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